In order to accomplish the projects according to client's requirements, Mashu Builders follows a systematic working methodology. All the projects are designed by highly qualified and experienced realty experts in a planned manner that help meeting the exact construction needs of our valuable clients. We consider special preventive measures during the design and construction process in order to prevent the chances of natual calamities that enables us to complete the project timely and as per the client's requirements.

Following are the elements we always take into account before beginning the project which makes us different :

  • Budget of the clients.
  • Proper visualization of the client’s specifications
  • Complete explanations of the final drawings.
  • Proper space management.
  • Approval of the clients before starting the projects

All Services

House Design & Planning

We are good in the development of 3d models for your buildings and interior spaces based on your requirements. These 3D home models enable you to plan out your house at an early stage. Also, you can put your specifications and own design preferences before the actual project execution starts. We make 3D Models using best software for giving you trust impression of your dream building.

3D Planing & Elevation

Plan elevation for buildings have a more difficult engineering drawings for which the proficiency level images to be made of 3-dimensional and has a number of floors a lot. Construction by the engineer must have a precise calculation because without it the building that will be built is not solid and strong. Our Engineering drawings, building elevation and floor plan have a detailed communication language, because this image is used for residential buildings, must be designed and built with quality materials.

Interior & Exterior Design

As experienced Interior architectural consultants we are responsible for the outside and inside out persona of a project we undertake to complete. First we design the architectural lay out of the place and then proceed to fill up the place with interiors that literally breathe life into the living or working space as the case may be. Each building has a responsibility to its environment, natural and urban, as well as its occupants.

Building Construction

We are construction partners who are passionate about what we do and our partners’ success. We pride ourselves in being solution providers. Our domain of work includes construction services in the commercial, civil infrastructure, and heavy industrial markets.

Home Loan & Finance

We provides formal housing credit to those with informal incomes for our customers. Taking a holistic view of the customers and their nod on what they can pay every month as an EMI, we introduce them to the world of formal housing finance - solutions that best fit what they need to live in better and safer homes


Our philosophy has always been to provide ‘Quality of Service’ with knowledgeable and well trained staff backed up by good stock availability and an efficient delivery service, and this ethos remains firmly in place today. We are the leading independent Building Material Suppliers based in the Chhattisgarh, supplying both the retail and trade sectors.